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POwerfins: Designer & Co-producer of Monofins & Bifins for Finswimming, Freediving and Spearfishing

Oleg Pudov, founder of the Powerfins brand, is a legend in the world of fin swimming and freediving. Of Russian origin, he began his career in the 1970s as a swimmer and diver. However, his encounter with monofins changed the course of his life.

In 1979, while he was director of a sports school specializing in swimming and diving, Oleg designed his first monofin, using rudimentary materials such as fiberglass. Quickly, its monofins attracted attention for their exceptional performance.

Over the years, Oleg has perfected his manufacturing techniques, developing custom-made monofins for athletes around the world. Its personalized approach, taking into account the morphology and preferences of each swimmer or freediver, has made its monofins equipment prized by high-level competitors.

In addition to his achievements as a monofin maker, Oleg is also recognized for his skills as a trainer. Having worked with several fin swimming and freediving teams, he has contributed to the success of numerous national and international champions.

Today, the Powerfins brand is synonymous with excellence in the field of fin swimming and freediving. The products designed by Oleg Pudov are appreciated for their quality, their performance and their precise adaptation to the needs of each athlete. In constant search of innovation, Oleg continues to push the limits of his field, working on new technologies and materials to offer the best to his passionate customers.

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