front snorkel without mouth connector

Recommanded for finswimming. Less resistance in water. Snorkel sold without the mouth connector.


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Hydrodynamic snorkel designed for finswimming. Front position is better for speed and comfort.

Good product for technical exercises for freedivers too.

Front snorkel is very usefull for swimmers and triathletes

Recommanded activities : Freediving, finswimming, swimming, triathlon

Child model : diameter 18mm, Adult model : diameter 23mm

48cm lenght and CMAS approved. Product accepted in CMAS competitions

hooping in inox and snorkel in PVC

Adjustable strap

Sold without mouth connector

Weight ND

Adulte (⌀23mm), Enfant (⌀18mm)


Blanc / White, Bleu / Blue, Noir / Black